Monday, August 3, 2015

Sophisticated Few

Sophisticated Few is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It shows people enjoying a Low Rider car show at the Tucson Museum of Art during a Tucson Meet Yourself event.


Elegants is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It is part of the Tucson International Airport Authority permanent collection. I liked how shadow divided the scene into two distinct areas, causing the colors in each region to be very different. The part with brighter light became less detailed; the shadow side revealed the sweet family group centered on the small girl. I could feel the love in their family circle.


Continental is a 13" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Bob with Carolyn on his shoulders were convenient models. I liked how Carolyn was so interested in the girl in the foreground fixing her braid; she, in turn, was gazing back into the scene of the show. This zig-zag of visual direction was interesting to me; it sort of created diagonals in the composition which was intersected by the tasseled "Keep Back" rope around the cars. 

My, that little redheaded child is adorable and scene-stealing.  Yes, yes she is!

Mustang in Red, White, and Blue

Mustang in red, white, and blue is a 16" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing, 2000.

Cheryl was a great model, holding her balloons. I sewed that dress; Cheryl picked out the material. She was a fashionista from an early age...