Saturday, August 8, 2015

Copperware Window

Copperware Window is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

This piece is a multiple self-portrait. Reflecting into a shop window in Bisbee created naturally-occurring patterns, overlapping with images from the street behind.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Outside the Cafe

Outside the Cafe is a 16" by 22" prismacolor pencil drawing.

An outside group of people reflecting into the window of an inside restaurant. The little girl drinking the bottle was inside watching me take reference photos. The people at the outside tables were relaxing after a Vuelta de Bisbee bike race, which we had gone down to see. This is one of my personal favorite works. I so enjoyed how things just fit together so naturally, even the patterns of the curtains and windowsill paint contrasting with the darker colors in the window were a pleasant contrast of values and colors.

Nogales Window Patterns

Nogales Window Patterns is a 24" by 30" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Exploring the mingling of images of people on the sidewalk reflecting into the window display in a busy store. The owner of a gallery I was in at the time purchased this drawing, which I considered a nice compliment.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sophisticated Few

Sophisticated Few is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It shows people enjoying a Low Rider car show at the Tucson Museum of Art during a Tucson Meet Yourself event.


Elegants is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It is part of the Tucson International Airport Authority permanent collection. I liked how shadow divided the scene into two distinct areas, causing the colors in each region to be very different. The part with brighter light became less detailed; the shadow side revealed the sweet family group centered on the small girl. I could feel the love in their family circle.


Continental is a 13" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Bob with Carolyn on his shoulders were convenient models. I liked how Carolyn was so interested in the girl in the foreground fixing her braid; she, in turn, was gazing back into the scene of the show. This zig-zag of visual direction was interesting to me; it sort of created diagonals in the composition which was intersected by the tasseled "Keep Back" rope around the cars. 

My, that little redheaded child is adorable and scene-stealing.  Yes, yes she is!

Mustang in Red, White, and Blue

Mustang in red, white, and blue is a 16" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing, 2000.

Cheryl was a great model, holding her balloons. I sewed that dress; Cheryl picked out the material. She was a fashionista from an early age...

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Dodge is *size* an oil painting on canvas.

 It was donated to the Tucson Museum of Art charitable show Ready, Set, D'Art.

Old Memories

Old Memories is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

A family enjoying the classics at a Low Rider show. I was drawn to the series of circles dotting the scene and the diagonals which flowed across the composition. Old Memories was the name of the car club, evidenced on the banner hanging in the background. Someone in New York bought this one when it was in an art show out there; I guess car shows are not just a thing of the Southwest...

Tucson Low Rider

Tucson Low Rider is a 24" by 27" oil painting on masonite.

This piece was in the Tucson Museum of Art show As Real as it Gets: Super-Realism and Photo-Realism. The show ran through August 18, 2002, and my oil painting, Tucson Low Rider was displayed as a part of the exhibition. It is also in the Museum's permanent collection.

Profile in Glass

Profile in Glass is a 12" by 16" prismacolor pencil drawing.


Impala is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing, 1995.

I liked the lady in the tie-dye shirt. To me, her stance echoed the "No Jaywalking" sign in the foreground, and she was intensely interested in the car, as well. I liked the Babar t-shirt on the figure behind the car, also.


Mickey's is a 16" by 22" watercolor painting.

I was the figure model; I made Bob take the reference photos. The still life of the restaurant struck me as a timeless element in the overlapping of images from the street.

For sale: $900 plus shipping and handling

B Cool

B Cool is a 16" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It is part of the Tucson International Airport Authority art collection. I liked the contrast of the reflections with the pattern of building and windows along the background.

Fat Truck

Fat Truck is a 16" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing, 1996.

This was at a car show at Little Anthony's Diner. I enlisted my friend Sheryl (who was there with their Mustang) as a model along with my daughter, Cheryl. The fading sunlight was an interesting contrast to the neon light of the restaurant. I enjoyed the lights reflecting on the beautiful paint of Fat Truck. I think Cheryl was checking out her reflection! I have to be careful how often I use family as models; I find I become more attached to the finished work and am sad when it sells...

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Hedgehog Flowers

Hedgehog Flowers is a 24" by 33" prismacolor pencil drawing.

I was amazed by the delicate petals of these flowers and how they contrasted with all the needles they bloomed among. I also loved the colors and forms of the buds waiting to bloom. I abstracted the background elements to add emphasis to the flowers.

1 Hour Parking

1 Hour Parking is a 20" by 28" prismacolor pencil drawing, 1994.

This drawing was selected for a book cover on Chicano Popular Culture, a text by Charles M. Tatum.

For sale: $1500 plus shipping and handling

Limited edition signed print in an edition of 100. The image size is 20" x 28.5", with a one inch border on acid-free paper.

For sale: $150 plus shipping and handling

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New Style

New Style is a 20" by 30" prismacolor pencil drawing, 1994.

From a Low Rider show at the Tucson Museum of Art. I liked the couple in the background and how they contrasted with the reflected images on the cars.

#33 in Red and Green

#33 in Red and Green is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

This was at a Casa de los Ninos car show at Reid Park. The occurrence of mostly reds and greens, complimentary colors, was very interesting to me, as well as the reflections in the side of the car.

#72 in the Shade

#72 in the Shade is a 16" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing, 1992.

The reflection on the side of this car reminded me of the flames people sometimes paint onto their cars, or what my family likes to call "cars on fire."


Chevrolet is a 14" by 23" prismacolor pencil drawing, 1991.

I loved the way the sun backlit the people in the scene and also the happiness the women were sharing. The man and his daughter in the foreground seemed to share a bond which was special.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

View of Bisbee

View of Bisbee is a 24" by 34" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It was a part of the 1984 Tucson Museum of Art Biennial

Trail Dust Town

Trail Dust Town is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

For sale: $1200 plus shipping and handling


Omelettes is a 25" by 36" pencil drawing, 1982

Two friends reflecting into a restaurant window with the train tracks behind them. This is one of the first in a long series of studies of the overlapping of images caused by reflections in windows. I'm really interested in discovering intersecting patterns and how they divide the space.

Ivinson Sunlight

Ivinson Sunlight is a 15" by 21" pencil drawing.

Two friends modeled for me in Laramie on a cool metal bench near the gallery where I worked.

Fresh Popcorn

Fresh Popcorn is a 20" by 28" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Monica, a wonderful friend who agreed to model for me, was reflecting into a window at Trail Dust Town. I enjoyed the study of edges and shapes and overlapping images from inside and outside the window.

Leaded Window

Leaded Window is a 10" by 20" prismacolor pencil drawing.