Saturday, March 21, 2015

At the Corral

At the Corral is a 24" by 30" oil painting on canvas.

The golden light near sunset revealed the scene of a modern horseman caring for his horses.

Fence Grid

Fence Grid is a 20" by 24" oil painting on panel.

In the background was an erroded hill; I was interested in the interaction of the fence pattern, the shadow patterns, and the lines created by the erosion. This piece is now housed by my brother.

Fenced In

Fenced In is a 16" by 20" watercolor painting.

I was experimenting with the contrast of leaving the fence elements unpainted in contrast to the horse and barn. This was a nice horse in real life. I think my dad built this fence. My dad loved to build and maintain fences.

In Between

In Between is a 22" by 30" oil painting on panel.

A friend and her horses in Nebraska.

John and Skeezix 2

John and Skeezix 2 is a 16" by 24" oil painting.

Keeping Time

Keeping Time is a 20" by 30" pencil drawing.

A drawing from Cheyenne Frontier Days. I liked the pattern of the wire fence overlapping the horse and rider, lending an element of abstraction to the realism.

Mud Hens

Mud Hens is a 16" by 20" prismacolor pencil drawing.

These horses had been rolling in the mud, producing a texture on their coats which was echoed in the erosion of the wash behind them. I was also drawn to the expression on their faces as they shared a moment. In these drawings I was just starting to explore adding colored pencil to my previously all black and white drawings.


Lakeside is a 24" by 30" oil painting.

An oil painting I did for my sister.

Rainy Day Gang

Rainy Day Gang is a 20" by 26" watercolor painting.

Rodeo Princess

Rodeo Princess is a 16" by 22" oil painting on panel.

A lady rodeo participant waiting for her turn.

Rodeo Time

Rodeo Time is a 24" by 30" oil painting on panel.

Stream Patterns

Stream Patterns is a 25" by 38" oil painting on panel.

Arabian Circle

Arabian Circle is a 18" by 24" watercolor painting.

I was playing with negative space and positive space interacting in the composition.

Brook Trout

Brook Trout is a 14" by 24" oil painting on panel.

I was interested in the limited palette and the shapes which occurred between the fish and how that related to the actual fish shapes. The transition from light to dark going down the painting was neat.

Frontier Days

Frontier Days is a 16" by 24" pencil drawing.

At a Cheyenne, Wyoming rodeo I was struck by the contestants on the sidelines so interested in the ongoing event.

Snowy Cabin

Snowy Cabin is a 14" by 24" pencil drawing.


John is a 24" by 30" oil painting on panel.

This painting was a gift to John for being so kind to model for me.

John and Skeezix

John and Skeezix is a 24" by 30" oil painting on panel.