Sunday, March 22, 2015

Heading In

Heading In is a 24" by 30" oil painting on panel.

I met John Shinkle, a modern-day Wyoming rancher, at a gallery where I worked. He was such a nice man; he invited me to his ranch so I could photograph some subject matter. John, his horse Skeezix, and his dog, Frosty, were such a good team! This is one of my personal favorite Wyoming paintings I did from that time. This is my favorite painting from when I lived in Laramie.  This painting, as well as the the three or four others I painted of John all sold to private collectors. I gave one to him as a thank you for being my model.

Pink Dresses

Pink Dresses is a 24" by 36" oil painting on panel.

For sale: $1000 plus shipping and handling

Bisbee Window Textures

Bisbee Window Textures is a 24" by 30" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Another piece where I used myself as a model. The textures of the old wood contrasted with the dark window glass reflecting the houses behind interested me.

For sale: $800 plus shipping and handling

Nogales Window Shopping

Nogales Window Shopping is a 24" by 30" watercolor painting.

I was the figure model again in this work involving the juxtaposition of outside/inside images in the reflections.

Alice's Window

Alice's Window is a 24" by 30" oil painting on panel.

Alice's Window is the first reflection study I did. It is an oil on panel and is a self-portrait looking into an antique store window. The bedroom setting included a mirror; so I worked the angle to include a reflection in the mirror as well as in the window glass. I liked the patterns of the Buckhorn Bar reflection from across the street. I like including figures in my work when they seem to fit, and I am always a convenient model.

I find the fragmentation and overlapping of images in reflections really interesting. The naturally-occurring abstractions of reality pique my curiosity.

Two in the Window

Two in the Window is a 16" by 24" prismacolor pencil drawing.