Saturday, August 1, 2015

View of Bisbee

View of Bisbee is a 24" by 34" prismacolor pencil drawing.

It was a part of the 1984 Tucson Museum of Art Biennial

Trail Dust Town

Trail Dust Town is a 24" by 36" prismacolor pencil drawing.

For sale: $1200 plus shipping and handling


Omelettes is a 25" by 36" pencil drawing, 1982

Two friends reflecting into a restaurant window with the train tracks behind them. This is one of the first in a long series of studies of the overlapping of images caused by reflections in windows. I'm really interested in discovering intersecting patterns and how they divide the space.

Ivinson Sunlight

Ivinson Sunlight is a 15" by 21" pencil drawing.

Two friends modeled for me in Laramie on a cool metal bench near the gallery where I worked.

Fresh Popcorn

Fresh Popcorn is a 20" by 28" prismacolor pencil drawing.

Monica, a wonderful friend who agreed to model for me, was reflecting into a window at Trail Dust Town. I enjoyed the study of edges and shapes and overlapping images from inside and outside the window.

Leaded Window

Leaded Window is a 10" by 20" prismacolor pencil drawing.