Saturday, April 4, 2015


2:10 is a prismacolor pencil drawing.

This piece explores the qualities of light and repeating circle patterns in a still life setting.

Two Cereus

Two Cereus is an oil on canvas done in the glazing technique, 2015.

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Yellow Slicker

Yellow Slicker is a 20" by 29" oil painting on panel.

For sale: $700 plus shipping and handling

Cindy and her Plants

Cindy and her Plants is a pencil drawing.

A study of a friend interacting with her plants. The transparency of curtains and the "disappearing" figure interested me as a composition in transition.

Holly Reflecting

Holly Reflecting is a 24"x 36" oil painting on panel. 

My friend Holly was a beautiful artist who could model unselfconsciously. I was enjoying the way the tree shadows fell across her form and the Laramie snow.