Sunday, April 19, 2015

Self Portrait with Illuminati

Self Portrait with Illuminati is a compilation of forms  creating a still-life for a college class I had. I used pencil and one of my favorite sticks as well as a resin sculpture I'd made in a sculpture class.

Snow Shadows

Snow Shadows is a pencil drawing I did as a student.  I liked the contrast of hard and soft edges in the foilage and the shadows as they draped across the snow.

Schroeder's Farm

Schroeder's Farm is an etching I did in college.  I was a Teaching Assistant in the printmaking department at the time.

I tried to use the snowy expanse to create a sense of isolation and distance.

Snowy Range Reflections

Snowy Range Reflections is an early oil painting;  I was already becoming interested in reflections and how they  ause a repeating pattern naturally.

Louis Bar

Louis Bar is a mixed-media work on panel.

I met Louis Bar when I worked near the tracks at a gallery in Laramie, Wyoming. He was a retired railroad worker, and liked to watch the trains. He modeled for me; I tried a combination of graphite pencil and oil painting on board in this painting. I liked his face; he seemed to love being there and was very peaceful.

Frontier Days Corral

Frontier Days Corral is a watercolor painting.

I climbed on the fence and liked how the shapes of the horses below fit together.


Betty is a Prismacolor Pencil drawing.

A drawing of our cat Betty who used to sit on the carpet beneath my easel.


Balcony is a watercolor, 1979.

This was a study of a window balcony.

Studio Stairs

Studio Stairs is a  watercolor, 1979.

This study was behind a gallery where I worked in Wyoming. One of my favorite professors in Graduate School lived there.